Unmatched collision repair services begin
with state of the art technology. 

  • Estimate Prepared  
  • Repairs Authorized
  • Coordinated with Insurance Company
  • Parts are ordered  
  • Repair Work Scheduled
  • Structural & Body Repairs Occur
  • Vehicle is Refinished
  • Vehicle is Reassembled
  • Final Inspection
  • Customer is notified Vehicle is Ready for Pick-Up

Accurate estimates for collision repair require skill and experience. We have been providing experienced collision repair estimates for 20 years. We will carefully examine your vehicle and discuss the repair options and costs with you in detail. 

We work with your insurance company to get you back on the road safely, and as quickly as possible.

Auto Body Concepts Collision Center offers the latest in technology with our Shark Sonar Lasering System so our team can quickly diagnose issues and perform necessary automobile repairs according to factory specifications.

With our Duz Mor and Chief Frame Unibody Alignment Machine we can accurately and safely align your vehicle's frame to manufacturer specifications.

We have the latest in Paint Refinishing Technology. Combine that passion for perfection with European Color Match System and you have a winning proposition that will make you vehicle look as if it had just come from the showroom floor.

Auto Body Concepts proudly uses the latest in technology, Eco Friendly Water Base Auto Paint.

There are many advantages to using waterborne coatings:

• Solvent-based coatings contain VOC’s and Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP) such as xylene, toluene, methyl ethyl ketone and ethyl benzene
• Sikkens Autowave® is the ultimate waterborne basecoat. With Autowave®, solvent emissions can be reduced by more than 85%, making it less harmful to the environment.

Do waterborne coatings perform as well as solvent-borne? Absolutely. Sikkens Autowave has proven to be the best waterborne paint system on the market, meeting the highest standards for car repair.

By using our Pro Spot welder, we can duplicate and even exceed factory specifications on all welds we make on your vehicle.
Any welding done on your vehicle is done with our Pro Spot welder and all welds will meet or exceed factory specifications.

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